Geotechnical Design

Foundation Design


Foundation designs for various structural foundations  based on reliable data obtained through in-depth analysis, in house testing and industry leading software. 

Soil and Rock Strength Characteristics


Characteristic strength for varying soil types is evaluated to ensure adequate material is used to support structures, foundations, and achieve desired durability.

Borehole Investigations


Borehole investigations are essential in  order to discover the underground subsoil conditions and bearing capability through SPT testing and full analysis of borehole arisings. 

If phreatic lines are present the effect on bearing capacity is calculated for both drained and undrained solutions. 

Slope Stability


Slope failure is caused by a number of variables, adequate testing and design is needed when cutting or loading a slope. If deemed unstable, drainage, mechanical stabilisation, benching or revegetating can be considered to allow work to proceed.