Material Laboratory


Triaxial Testing

The most widely used testing apparatus for investigating the stress  strain behaviour and the  strength  parameters  of  soils  is  the  triaxial  apparatus.  Digital  readings  allow  for greater accuracy and data interpolation.

Used in the following applications: 

1. Excavations 

2. Shallow foundations 

3. Piles and deep foundations 

4. Earth retaining structures, diaphragm walls, anchors 

5. Slope stability 

6. Ground improvement 

7. Design of embankments, earth dams 


The one-dimensional consolidation test of a soil sample enables  the engineer  to ascertain 

the  settlement  characteristic  over  a  given  period.  This  gives  information  on  the 

relationship  the  soil  has  between  rate  of  compression  and  load  applied.  The  soil 

specimen under test is axially loaded and laterally contained. 

The most current software allows for accurate and real time data collection/ processing, 

giving a range of results and parameters.

Plate Load Test

A field test for determining the ultimate bearing capacity of soil and the likely settlement 

of a foundation under a given load. 

This  is  particularly  beneficial  to  accurately  select  and  design  the  correct  foundation, 

ensure  the  current  platform  is  suitable  for  the  designed  load,  calculate  safe  bearing 

capacities and suitable factors of safety.


This method has been developed by the California State Highway Department, and is now accepted by almost all the international standards. The test is aimed at the evaluation of the mechanical strength of natural ground, subgrades and basecourses.

Concrete Mix Design

Selection of concrete proportions involves a balance between economy and requirements for placeability, strength, durability, density, and appearance. 

Finding the right balance to achieve all these requirements comes mainly from experience. 

Digital Press for Cubes and Rock Core Samples

The  digital  press  allows  results  to  be  collected  the  instant  material  reaches  failure, inputting the results directly onto a computer allows a real-time  graph showing the load imposed on the specimen up until the moment of failure.

The press and software can be used for rock core samples and concrete cubes. 

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